A fun time was had

Chris and I both took the day off from work for Jane’s birthday last Wednesday. We took her to the Louisville Zoo, did a little shopping, and then ended the day at Mom’s for a cookout. We both took the … Read More

More versions of the HomeGoods chair

Remember when I saw this chair at HomeGoods over the summer? I’ve now seen four other chairs since then that are very similar, like this PB teen one that I found on Effortless Style: And these two that I saw … Read More

Jane is 2!

We love you, baby girl! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!! We wish you many more wonderful birthdays!

Much better

The planets must have been perfectly aligned. The weather was good, Jane’s mood was good enough, and we got at least one good shot of every pose I wanted. Good job, Team Browning. Mommy be so proud! PS. We left … Read More

Wall art

Isn’t this a cute wall? You wanna know how you could recreate it? With prints from my etsy shop!!! Need help visualizing it? Here you go!! Just sayin’…!! (Found on Pinterest from Cristina Rivera via Arren Willams)

Adventures in photography hell

I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m not terribly fond of photography. It’s right up there with Photoshop. I’d probably like them both better if I had proper training. Maybe someday, but for now, I’m self-taught… I decided this year … Read More


Wow. As of Saturday, this album was 20 years old. How is that possible? Am I really no longer in high school? Ok, technically I was in 8th grade when this album came out, but it wasn’t until high school … Read More


Is anyone excited about the new Muppet movie coming out Thanksgiving weekend? I thought I was until I read this article; now I’m not so sure. It definitely got me thinking about my position on the Muppets (deep stuff, I … Read More

Photo-Lettering, Inc.

Photo-Lettering, Inc. (“PLINC”) has only recently flown onto my radar. Not only am I pumped about their services (you can have words and small phrases converted into awesome fonts for a small fee without having to buy the entire font), … Read More

Note cards!!!

‘Member these? They’re in my etsy shop now! Yay! Feel free to give me mad props on my Photoshop skills, yo. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to pretty up my product photos. Don’t believe me? Here’s one … Read More

Thank God It’s Friday

Busy week. Not much time for blogging. But hopefully this print will get you through the weekend: Looking at it makes me happy. Enjoy your weekend!

Veggies and fruit

I don’t like to eat them, but I sure like to look at them (especially in my kitchen). Here’s some fun ones I’ve found recently: Tea towel by Lotta Kuhlhorn Slow Food Fest poster (I do not approve of the … Read More

New design

Would you hang this on your wall? I probably will… PS. I see an upside down cupcake with blue icing. What do you see?

Justice of the peace

Hi. I haven’t posted much lately. I’m going to throw Jane Browning under the bus on this one. She has been difficult/clingy/high-maintenance-y/scream-y with a side of chatty adorableness. All in all, a handful. Keeping her occupied has certainly been a … Read More

More thoughts of yours truly

I’m sensing that this may become a recurring feature on this blog. Lucky me, I continue to receive emails and texts from people I know sending me pictures and links of things that remind them of me! So flattering! First … Read More

Busy worker bee

I’ve been busy working outside the past few evenings (instead of inside blogging where I’d prefer to be). Manual labor/physical activity/blisters-and-back-pain isn’t my thing, but the yard isn’t going to pre-landscape itself. I say “pre” because we’ve not even planted anything … Read More


Something is bothering me. I’ve been trying for the past few days to figure out how to discuss it without offending anyone (don’t worry, most of you won’t be offended or even care for that matter). I shared this lovely little blog … Read More

New couples shower invitation

This is a recent couples shower invitation I designed. I had originally presented this design to the bride (my friend and fellow card club member!) as one of two options for her wedding invitation. She later decided to move away from the circle … Read More

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