Ho hum

I’m in a slump. There’s a lot of things swirling around in my head right now, none of which is making sense. This happens to me quite often, but the year-end brain swirly sucks the most. (What did you accomplish … Read More

Busy bee

Unfortunately that moment for me has come and gone. I’ve hit snooze on a few projects too many times. This will be my only post for the week so I can cross a few things off of my to-do list … Read More

Here fishy fishy

Remember this little guy (girl?) with the dangle-y eyeball? I now own its gold-toned brother (sister?)!! Yeah! And mine has a tail! And it was almost $20 cheaper!! Man, I love ebay! I think I’ll name her (him) Dorothy. We … Read More

Moved by the spirit

Yes, I have purchased my first holiday paraphernalia of the season (found at Wally World). I can’t help myself. I partly blame Mabel of Make Every Day Count because she has posted not once but twice about Christmas decorations in … Read More

Bloomington Handmade Market

My sister-in-law Jami and I are going to check out the Bloomington Handmade Market this weekend. I hear it’s pretty good. I’m always a little leery of “craft shows”. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been to one, … Read More

Trina Turk jewelry

I pretty much want to marry whoever designs jewelry for Trina Turk. I mean, look at this stuff (in order of importance): [on sale on TT’s website] [sold out on TT’s website but available on Amazon] [on sale on TT’s … Read More

Go check out Draw! Pilgrim

Head on over to the Draw! Pilgrim blog. You might see something you recognize: I paid for an ad for the month of November. Best case scenario, it will bring a little bit more traffic my way. We’ll see how … Read More

Happy Halloween

This is what I did with my weekend: It’s Little Orphan Annie’s wig. It took me about eleventy hours to make. But did she wear it? Of course not. Here’s the best picture I got of the little whirling dervish: … Read More

Three prints I want to own

#1 – from Zoe Ingram #2 – from Linda Ketelhut #3 – from Veronica Diago (and #4 which isn’t really a print but should be [found on Pinterest via Capree Kimball]) And someday when our spare room becomes my “studio”, … Read More

Ahead of my time

Look how cute this little Rubik’s Cube chest of drawers is (found here): Guess who had a similar brilliant idea back in college: Yeah, that’s me, circa 1998 (check out the word processor box behind my chair!!). Yes, I have … Read More

Jonathan Adler giraffes

My cousin Amy just sent me a link to these Jonathan Adler giraffe sconces at Macy’s (left and right, respectively): At first glance I thought they were table lamps, but the fact that they’re sconces makes them cooler. Why aren’t … Read More


I’ve been trying to shake things up a bit here on the blog (ok, really it’s more like a few nudges…). I really didn’t like the background I had going on, so after a few days of playing around with … Read More

New prints

I was passing out my “scratch and dent” prints to friends and family recently, and my friend Kelly chose my blue deco-y print. Soon after that, she texted me saying that she had framed the print, and it needed a … Read More

Mamoru Yamamoto

I saw this adorable vintage fabric on the Jane Foster Blog today… … and it reminded me of some illustrations by Mamoru Yamamoto that I saw on Image Zoo: Aren’t they great? It makes me want to be a kid … Read More

Big kid in a toy store

On Jane’s birthday, we hit up Toys ‘R’ Us after the zoo so she could “pick out” a toy (with some guidance, of course). We wondered up and down every aisle to scope the place out before committing to a Sesame … Read More

Anniversary party invite

I almost forgot about this one. My cousins hosted a surprise anniversary party for my aunt and uncle last month. I didn’t want to share it too soon in case Aunt “Sasha” visited my blog, but then the party came … Read More

Random video clips

Remember that awesome clip they played on Sesame Street back in day that showed how they made crayons? Well here it is (via Jenn Ski): Speaking of Sesame Street, here’s the trailer for the upcoming Elmo documentary, Being Elmo (via … Read More


Yep, I’m getting me an iPhone. I was just notified that it’s on its way. I’m pretty excited about Instagram, and I plan on being on Twitter more often (Hi, I’m on Twitter now. Come follow me!). But what I’m … Read More

Landscaping update

Well, we have shrubs, but they don’t look so great. The two sad ones and the less sad one on the far left are Golden Vicary, and the ones in between are Arbor Vitae. We’re pretty sure they’re sad because … Read More

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