Happy one month anniversary, blog!

One month has come and gone, and I think it’s safe to say I have at least 3 loyal readers (thanks Chris, Amy, and Sophia!). My goal is to double that this month! Woo! I dream big, don’t I? Anyway… … Read More

Hello December!

The Christmas season is officially upon us! I put up my tree AND wrapped all of my presents! And I had my own personal movie marathon. While I was decorating and wrapping, I watched Love Actually, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy turkey day tomorrow, people! (person? is anyone even reading this?) I’m peace-ing out until Monday!


I was browsing through my new issue of Modernism magazine the other day, and I noticed a picture of a house that looked familiar. And then I realized where I had seen it before. It’s in nearby Brownstown, IN!! It … Read More

Googie in Seymour!

Ok, so technically it’s not IN Seymour, but the photograph is hanging on the wall of the Hardee’s in Seymour. Does that count? I probably haven’t been inside that restaurant in 15 years, but that’s where Chris Browning wanted to … Read More

J. Irwin Miller House

  J. Irwin Miller House Can you even believe that this house is located a mere 45 minutes away from where I live?! And it was designed by Eero Saarinen?! And it will eventually be opened to the public?! I … Read More

Quirky obsession

So, I’ve been counting down to Thanksgiving so I can put my Christmas tree up (that is a rule in the Team Browning household: no trees before Thanksgiving), and my husband lovingly pointed out to me that there is a … Read More

Wishlist – Rex Ray calendar

Looking at this calendar makes me happy. I’m going to have to own it. It will probably make the new year kick a**! After a brief search, this is the cheapest place I found it online. It will look nice … Read More

Sophias Sweet Spot

Sophia is a wonderful artist that I have become buddies with through etsy. She is a military wife and stay at home mom living in North Carolina who one day hopes to make art her full time gig. I love, … Read More

My favorite magazine

I randomly came across this magazine a couple of years ago at one of the big chain bookstores (Barnes & Noble or Borders, I can’t remember), and I quickly became a subscriber. Besides People magazine, it’s the only magazine I … Read More

Treasure hunting

I found this cute bag at Wal-Mart for $3 on clearance. I didn’t need another bag, but I couldn’t resist the retro postcard images.  


So, I was at my favorite book store in the whole wide world, Half Price Books, and I found this wonderful book: Googie Redux by Alan Hess. I had no idea that there was a word for this type of … Read More

My new favorite movie

My husband took me out for dinner and a movie last night. While this is not a movie for those who don’t appreciate adult humor, I have to say that it’s been a while since I’ve laughed so hard at … Read More

Open for business

My shop is officially open! Now I have to get my butt into gear and promote it. Etsy is fabulous, but it’s easy to go unnoticed. I’m still trying to figure out how to put ‘etsy mini’ on my blog. … Read More

Another cool house

This is a cool house I found here in town over the summer. It’s amazing to me that I can still discover new things in a town I’ve lived in most of my life.

How cool is this?

My husband surprised me with these wonderful tissue boxes covered in my artwork (and one with our wedding picture). He said he heard about it on Bob & Tom, of all places! They’re almost too pretty to open up and … Read More

Treasure hunting

Mom and I went shopping in Clarksville recently, and I found a couple of things at Tuesday Morning: The wrapping paper was only $1.99. I feel like Carol Brady could have lined her drawers with this pattern.   The glass … Read More

I want one!

I didn’t even know that I wanted a terrarium until I came across this glorious wonder. Actually, I first came across its not-so-shiny-and-new bastard cousin from the ’70’s on Craiglist for $10. I was all set to buy it until … Read More

Cool house

This house is on the way out to my aunt’s lake house. I took this picture on one of our trips out there this summer. That’s my husband’s reflection in the window! He was driving, and I was in the … Read More

Hello November!

This is the newest addition to the calendar I’m designing. I started this calendar back in July because I needed something cute for my cubicle at work. Why start in July? Don’t ask, because I don’t have a good reason. … Read More

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