Lustron house update

The Lustron house (that I have previously mentioned) in Brownstown is on the move! Evidently the church that owns it is donating it to the historical society, and they will be moving it to a nearby location. Read the article … Read More

Toy box

I found this toy box on the Land of Nod website, but it’s no longer available. No worries for me because it was too expensive anyway. I’ll just have Chris build me one. Chris, will you please build this for … Read More

I want one

Found this clock on etsy. May need to make it mine. For a person who is chronically late to everything, I sure love clocks.

What heaven probably looks like

I read Jenn Ski’s blog on a regular basis, and when I read one of her recent posts, my heart skipped a beat. She found this picture on Flickr. This is the most magificent desk I have ever seen. But … Read More


I’d been eyeing this TV cabinet from IKEA for awhile, and now it’s mine!! I went there this past Sunday, and it happened to be marked down from $499 to $199! (I’ll buy it!) Now I guess Chris gets to … Read More

Bitchin’ kitchens

I was using Chris’ computer the other day, and I found these pictures that I had saved to his desktop awhile back. Ah, kitchen porn!! I have no idea which website I found them on; I hope the gods of … Read More

Gaga for Barbie

Some photographer re-created some of Lady Gaga‘s costumes on a Barbie doll. Love it! See the full slideshow here.

To my Cincinnati friends and family

What would it take to get one of you to deliver some furniture across state line? (I’m sorry, I won’t be able to buy you a Trans Am to run as a blocker.) I need this kitchen table and chairs … Read More

Xtina’s house

I found this story on Yahoo last week about Christina Aguilera’s house. Surprisingly, I love how she’s decorated it. Interesting fact: this used to be Ozzy’s house, the one he lived in during “The Osbournes” reality show. Thank goodness she … Read More


So, I’m browsing etsy, and I come across this pillow, which I love. The pillow itself will not fit into the scheme I have planned for our living room, too bad. The description mentions that the fabric is called Pink … Read More


My original intention was to make Jane’s stocking this year. It ended up in the garbage can last night. I failed to find a glue that would adhere to felt and refused to spend any more time on a sinking … Read More

Jane Marie’s birth announcement

I designed and printed Jane’s birth announcements myself, but unfortunately I didn’t get many sent out. Being that she’s 2 months old now, I figured I might as well share it electronically instead of trying to get some more printed … Read More

Charley Harper for children

Christmas shopping for a 2 month old has not been as hard as I thought it would be. Mostly I am just buying stuff that I like that she won’t be playing with for quite awhile. I hope when she … Read More

Javier Senosiain

I love it when my friends forward things on to me that they know I would like. It makes me feel special!! My friend Natasha sent me an email containing pictures of a home called “Nautilus” designed by architect Javier … Read More

Calendars for sale!

Check out my etsy shop for my new 2010 desk calendar!!

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