Trash curtain

Yeah, we’re that fancy. We now have a curtain that hides our trash can. Definitely not something you see every day, unless you live at our house…

Let me start by saying that for as long as Chris and I have lived together, we have had this big green trash can in our kitchen (Chris brought it to the relationship; not sure of its origins [I’m beginning to feel like I have too many inanimate “children” {see also couch and Tivo}]). Since we’re so compatible, we both agreed that small kitchen trash cans are for the birds. They require too much maintenance (aka changing of the trash bag), and they usually get stuck under a sink or in a closet where they start stinking up the place. But we’ll have none of that. In our previous residences, we’ve let them hang out in the wide open so they can feel like part of the family.

Now jump to the building of our home. I insisted on putting the trash can (Chris, why haven’t we named this thing yet?) its proper place in the kitchen. I was more than happy to give up cabinet space so that Old Greenie (yeah? no?) could tuck nicely under the counter. I can’t completely claim this brain child because this was basically the same location of the trash can when we lived in my parents basement, but that was by necessity and not by choice. It just so happened to work out great for us, so it was easy to talk Chris into doing the same thing in our new home.

Strangely enough, it didn’t occur to me to put up a curtain until a few months ago when I attempted (and subsequently failed) to take pictures of the kitchen. I didn’t realize what an eye sore it is until I saw the space on my camera display. Yikes. I briefly thought about painting the trash can and then quickly decided against it. Chris wasn’t completely against the idea of putting up a curtain since I promised him it could stay open unless we had company.

I dug up the remains of a vinyl tablecloth I had used for the wall art above my messy desk:

And here is the condensed version of how I made this silly curtain:

I don’t think I’d be very good at giving tutorials. I lose interest too quickly. So anyway, here’s the finished product:

Ah, much better. And Jane approves as well:

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get the wrinkles out? I laid it out on my deck on a hot afternoon hoping the heat would help, but it didn’t. Oh, well…

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6 Responses to Trash curtain

  1. Chris says:

    Very nice!

  2. Super cute, and a great improvement!

  3. Jives says:

    I like tht all the fridge magnets are Jane height :)

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