Chair necklaces

These necklaces have been available for a couple years, but they’re new to me. I found the Bruxe website while searching for miniature mid century chairs. Regardless of how long ago they came out, they’re adorable:

The gold ones are pricey, but the silver ones are a bit more affordable. Did anyone watch The Littles when they were younger? I think they would have quite enjoyed a chair this size in their home. So tiny!!

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9 Responses to Chair necklaces

  1. Amy says:

    Those are too awesome. Oh, to have a charm bracelet with one of each kind… a girl can dream.

  2. OMG these are the coolest!!! Love the Barcelona chair!

  3. Maggie Hummel says:

    OMG! Cute Cute I am soo hitting up my dad to make me one. I think my parents actually had the chairs in the lower left pic

    • jillbrowning says:

      You totally should! I forgot all about the charms he made for you. Didn’t you have a barn or flamingo one in college? I remember it being something off the wall!

  4. Maggie Hummel says:

    He made a round barn one for Rachel and I have a Chef’s knife and a pair of whisk ear rings Man its been awhile since Ive worn those I had a flamingo too but I dont remember if he made it I think someone gave it to me as a gift

    • jillbrowning says:

      Oh my word, I haven’t thought about Rachel in years! My guess was pretty close, though! Can you believe we started VU 15 years ago this month? Unbelievable…

  5. Jives says:

    These are great! I have a necklace with a tiny porcelain teacup on it. Get a couple of these chair necklaces and we can have ourselves a tea party! X

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