Shopping spree – CB2

I got the new CB2 catalog in the mail this week. I love looking through it and dreaming about all of the things in it that I’d love to own. I decided to put together a pretend shopping spree with a budget of $1,500. (Is it still considered a shopping spree when you have a budget? [And how did I come up with the amount? Well, I just chose the items that I REALLY like, totaled them up, and rounded to the nearest hundred. {I hope to continue a series of posts like this from different stores, so I’ll try to keep this $1,500 as a consistent amount.}]) So here’s what it looked like, all prettied up and mood board-like:

Here’s the breakdown of what I “spent”:

  1. $699.00   Walnut wardrobe
  2. $119.90   Ada table lamps (x2; $59. 95 each)
  3. $399.00   Scan persimmon lounge chair
  4. $  24.95   File file white
  5. $  29.95   Birch storage boxes
  6. $  15.80   Pillar clear wine 13 oz. (x4; $3.95 each)
  7. $  79.90   Paint palette 20″ pillow (x2; $39.95 each)
  8. $  59.90   Streak 16″ pillow (x2; $29.95 each)

$1,428.40  TOTAL (not including tax and shipping)

If this was for real, I’d be adding $314.50 in tax and shipping… grr!!! Thank goodness dreaming is free (Blondie).

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