Cursive typewriter

Did you even know that cursive typewriters existed?? I certainly did not. How very cool. If you need this one, you can buy it on etsy. PS. Click here to see some unbelievable typewriter art.

Million Dollar Decorators

I think it’s going to be my new favorite show for the summer. It’s so over the top and dramatic and I love it. I can certainly handle a bunch of drama queens when it involves decorating. They at least … Read More


A cute little something to start your weekend: Thanks Chris Browning!

Treats from Italy

My cousin Amy came back from her recent trip to Italy bearing gifts! Yay, I love treats! Knowing that I love Marimekko, she gifted me these lovely tea towels: They are much too pretty to be used to wipe anything … Read More

Tori Spelling

Has anyone else seen her revamped website yet? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what it looked like before, but I do know that she has repurposed it into a new online lifestyle magazine and social networking site (maybe like Cafe … Read More


Two retro lawn chairs are coming to live with Team Browning for the “low, low price of on-the-house” (name that movie). We’re saving them from the great big trash heap in the sky. I love treasure hunting that only requires … Read More

Birthday card

Here’s a cute little birthday card I whipped up last night to add to my portfolio: Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Alright, I know this movie is 10 years old, so I’m not going to review it. But Zoolander happens to be back in the news, and I couldn’t be more excited (this is one of the movies we watch over … Read More

Shopping spree – West Elm

Time to go shopping again!! This time we’re headed over to West Elm. I don’t love them as much as I used to, but I did manage to find some treasures. Remember, I only have $1,500 to “spend”. For those … Read More

Random graphics

Have you been having nasty weather where you live? We haven’t had anything as bad as poor Joplin, MO (bless their hearts!), but Jackson County was under a tornado warning yesterday evening. I was still at work when the sirens … Read More

Do over

I’ve had weddings on the brain lately. ‘Tis the season for weddings, I suppose, although I’ve not had any to go to this spring. Between designing invitations for a couple of friends with weddings this fall to seeing a bunch … Read More

Random graphics

Do you ever buy things you don’t need because they’re cute? I’m not talking about a piece of jewelry or a pair of shoes. I’m talking more like a box of tissues and a notebook. Because I do: Cute box … Read More

Big Cartel

I was on Pinterest (imagine that) when I found these necklaces by Kristina Klarin: I was all excited about them until I discovered that they are SOLD OUT. Grrrr… (Don’t worry, I emailed her to see if she will be making more.) … Read More


For those of you who read this blog through a reader or because you’re my Facebook friend, I encourage you to actually come and visit this website. I’ve been working hard to make some changes, and I’d like to show … Read More

Can’t decide

Jane Marie Browning, 19 months old, has already started to acquire a collection of dress-up stuff. In the hopes of keeping it somewhat organized in one place, I decided she needed some kind of box or trunk to keep all of her … Read More

Jonathan Adler stationery

I apparently don’t go to Barnes & Noble very often because I was pleasantly surprised today to find that they carry Jonathan Adler stationery: (I came home with this cute little pencil case:) And then I went on the Barnes … Read More

New patterns

I haven’t created many patterns in awhile, so some new ones were bound to spill out of me sooner or later. Here’s a cute little trio I’d like to see printed on fabric some day:

Random graphics

Retro bag of Doritos found at Walmart (they were delicious): Funky sign at the gas station that attempted to distract me from the ridiculous gas prices:


Thank you to those who protect us and keep us safe! (Card found here on etsy.)

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