Slight change of plans…

Effective next week, I will only be posting three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I seriously considered starting off the new year this way, but somehow I convinced myself that I could keep up with five posts … Read More

Cool Christmas presents (part 2 of 2)

Mmmm… I’ve got several hours of retro-y goodness in my future! My first stop will be in Swingtown, my favorite show from this past summer that I’m pretty sure got cancelled after one season. I think Chris Browning even signed … Read More

Cool Christmas presents (part 1 of 2)

Cool Christmas present #1 – the Drip Clips Paperclip Holder! How adorable is this? And please notice that the clips are shaped like drops of water. If you have to have one for yourself, they can be found here. Cool … Read More

I’m baaaaaaack!!!

Ah, I needed that. I was officially off work for 12 days, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to: a new addition to my calendar a new greeting card It felt good … Read More

Rex Ray notecards

These fabulous note cards were a birthday gift from my cousin Amy. I love them! But they are way too pretty to use. I doubt I’ll ever have something important enough to say to justify using them (that’s what blogs … Read More

Notebooks for sale!

I’m so excited about these little cuties! I hope other people are excited as well because they are now available in my etsy shop! They are 3.5 x 5 with 65 blank pages and a clear plastic coil. I have … Read More


Tee-hee. These make me giggle! Stellalola is the alter-ego of artist and graphic designer Julie Lewis. I came across her work during a random etsy search. The paintings below have already been sold from her shop, but her shop announcement … Read More

Aw, it’s a baby!

One of Chris’s friends at work just had a baby this week (welcome Brinley!), and she inspired this card.

Treasure hunting

I found this cute little ornament at Walmart a couple of weeks ago for $2!! (I even double-checked my receipt to make sure I had the price right!) It immediately reminded me of the lamp that Biba wrote about on … Read More

Googie in Scottsburg!

This counts as googie, right?I was in Scottsburg this weekend getting my hair chopped off, and look what I discovered! I’ve probably driven by it dozens of times over the years, and it just now caught my attention. I snapped … Read More


I turned the TV on when I got home from work Friday, and there was a show playing on the Ovation channel called “The Lowdown on Lowbrow“. Evidently “Lowbrow” is a genre of art inspired by the ’50’s and ’60’s … Read More

Def Metal

Graffiti doesn’t normally catch my eye, but I absolutely love this. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to refer to heavy metal music, but I love the irony of it: a pretty, flowy script used to spell out a type … Read More

Homeward Bound: John Mellencamp

Seymour, IN was put on the map by this guy right here:So I pretty much feel obligated to mention that he will be on the Biography channel tonight 12/11 @ 9pm Eastern time. The description says that he “returns to … Read More

Wishlist – Atomic Ranch calendar

This is yet another calendar (from Atomic Ranch) that should ensure that 2009 will kick a**. Do you think that, if I hang up tons of cool calendars around my living and working spaces, the universe will see to it … Read More

Cool design

How cool would the world be if all packaging was this cute? Why have I never seen this before? I was walking through the store room at work and noticed these Vitamin Water cartons in the recycling bin. I thought … Read More

Treasure hunting

I found this photo storage box at Kmart last weekend for $5. The colors totally jumped out at me. Props go out to my husband for teaching me how to turn the flash off of our camera.Ah, much better!

Cool house

I took this last Christmas in the Cincinnati area on the way from Chris’s mom’s house to his dad’s house. I wonder if the people that live there realize how cool their house is.

Cool design

I’m not sure who does the graphic design for my employer (a CPA firm), but they do a good job. This is the Christmas card they are sending out to clients this year. I love that they used numbers and … Read More

Susan Hodgin

Susan Hodgin is an artist that I came across a few months ago at the Penrod Arts Fair in Indianapolis. Naturally, I was immediately drawn to her booth because of the vibrant colors in her pieces. I had such a … Read More

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