Cool house

Found this cool house on a tip from a co-worker. Thanks, Cathy!

Treasure hunting

I found this bitchin’ Shag journal during my last trip to Half Price Books at the beginning of the year. It was originally priced at $14.95, but HPB had it marked down to $4.98! Suck it, economy!! And not only … Read More


This should be the last of the game posts for awhile (unless my mom unearths a new stash somewhere). Payday was one of my all-time favorite games growing up. The illustrations are wonderful. This is the 1975 version of the game which … Read More

Brown Derby

So, this post was originally going to be about puzzles, more specifically the artist of this puzzle (Heronim “Harry” Wysocki) that I am currently putting together. But I changed my mind when I couldn’t find a good source of all of his work. … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I‘ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately, which is why I missed my post yesterday. I hope everyone is having a great Valentine’s Day. I myself am curled up on the couch watching a marathon of chick flicks … Read More

Cool house revisited

So, you remember a few months back when I mentioned this house? Well, I have now found this source of this retro-y goodness! Ok, so it’s not perfectly the same, but it most definitely is its doppleganger (I wish I … Read More

New work

Here’s some of what I’m working on for Image Zoo: These are just rough drafts that I just submitted for approval. Once I get the ok on them, I will clean them up and make them pretty, and they’ll eventually … Read More

Happy customers

I want to share with everyone my first customer appreciation photo. My Aunt Linda bought some of my prints (which accounts for 3 of the 4 sales in my etsy shop!) to hang in their house at the lake, and … Read More

Old card games

Here is a continuation of my walk down memory lane. Some of what we found: Old decks of cards, Racko, Rook (I have no idea how to play it)… … slapjack… … Uno (I always loved getting the Draw Four … Read More

Treasure hunting

Found: vinyl zippered pouch Location: Target (in the travel size H&BA’s of all places!) Price: $0.99 Use: to hold your fare for the double-dutch bus Value: priceless!

I want one

I was looking through one of the gift guides on etsy yesterday and found this fantastic Modern Design Deck Poster by Jen Renninger of pleasebestill. Each “card” in the deck features a letter of the alphabet and the name of … Read More

Yeah, she’s from Seymour!

Holy smokes!! I’m still trying to wrap my head around this! Another “small town“er has made it big. Katie Stam from teeny tiny Seymour, Indiana is our newest Miss America. We went to the same church growing up; heck, I … Read More

Hello Kitty hospital in Taiwan

I’m not sure this would take any pain away from childbirth, but it might make it a bit more entertaining. I doubt I could get Chris Browning on board with this considering he wouldn’t even let me have a Hello … Read More

Old games

During my Christmas vacation, I took a big walk down memory lane. Chris and I didn’t go anywhere during our time off, so we got to spend a lot of time with our two nephews. Now, believe it or not, … Read More

They put me in the Zoo!

The Image Zoo, that is! They are an online provider of royalty free stock illustrations and images. They found me on etsy and asked me to join. They just recently got my artist’s page up and going! They are also … Read More

Ed Emberley

Why have I never heard of Ed Emberley before? Caleb and Conner (my nephs) got these for Christmas, and they are absolutely precious (the books and my nephews!). Anyhoo, he’s a writer and illustrator of childen’s books, and I want … Read More

Picture Pages

Chris and I were watching an episode of Robot Chicken the other night, and they did a sketch about a talking ink pen. Immediately, it reminded both of us of Picture Pages with Bill Cosby!! I totally wanted one of … Read More

My artwork as a poster

I’m thrilled with the way this turned out! (Sorry, I’m not revealing my sources on this one because it took me awhile to find a place this cheap. And I’m thinking about selling them in my etsy shop.) And it … Read More

My beautiful new shelf!

My home office has just graduated from a coffee table to a full-on bookshelf!! Yea! This was a joint effort between me, Chris, and my dad. We made it out of MDF; everything was purchased at our local Home Depot. … Read More

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