Stahl House

Our television is almost always on in our home, even when we’re not watching it. It’s not something I’m terribly proud of, but it is what it is. Last weekend, while it was playing to an audience of no one, … Read More

Three degrees of retro patio furniture

The beauty of wireless internet is that you can simultaneously cook Hamburger Helper and browse Craigslist. I don’t like to cook, but I’ve now discovered a new way to pass the time. So in the time it took me tend … Read More


This brand-new retro-looking ashtray was purchased from a local mom-and-pop hardware store by my mother, who doesn’t approve of smoking, but thought I would need it for our new deck. And yes, it cost $1.99. Score!!!

Jane’s curtains

(Not to be confused with Jane Curtin, of course.) The blue curtains I bought for Jane’s bedroom did not fit the double window. It took me 3 months to decide that I could no longer stand the 3 inch gap … Read More

Cool furniture

My friend Natasha saw this picture on etsy and thought of me (how nice!). Wall lettering isn’t my thing, but I do really like this couch and these lamps and the green wall. I then went to the etsy shop … Read More

Hotel Indigo

I’m not sure why I’ve never investigated this hotel before. Probably because I live 45 minutes away and can’t think of a reason I’d need to stay there. But after looking at these pictures, you bet I’m going to create … Read More

Pleasant surprise

The office I work in subscribes to Indianapolis Monthly magazine, where it sits in our waiting room for our clients to read. I rarely ever glance at it, but for some reason the universe drew me to this month’s issue. … Read More

Feeling the love from the UK

Over the past week, I have been mentioned on two different blogs in the UK. I am so “honoured”! So in turn, I shout out to them. moondoggie mentioned my blog: And funky diva designs featured one of my prints … Read More


This house is located in Seymour. Where I live. Can you believe it? And it’s for sale (for cheap; they just dropped the price about 30k). If this house had been on the market about 18 months ago, I would … Read More

Hello Gaga

Love it, love it, love it. Here is the story about the photo shoot (and another one with a video I couldn’t embed), photos, and more photos. Apparently these photos were taken last fall, but have just now been in … Read More


That was the word that came to mind when I saw this photo on the NY times website. (I’ve been obsessed with NY more than normal lately because my new favorite TV show is Selling New York on HGTV.) Here … Read More

This looks familiar

I have this very same table cloth at home, although it’s not really a table cloth anymore. It’s been repurposed as wall art for the kitchen. Actually, it’s leaning-against-the-wall-and-in-the-way-and-starting-to-pi$$-me-off art because I can’t seem to get it hung. I don’t … Read More

Change of address

This is a little something I whipped up to send out to everyone in my address book to notify them of our change of address. (And yes, our house is green, but not that green!)

Speak of the devil

So, the company that I work for just turned 40, and they threw a company-wide shindig in Indy. When I sat down at my table for the lunch presentation, I immediately noticed the program in front of me: I immediately … Read More

If I had money to burn…

… I buy myself one of these: This takes me back to my childhood dream of becoming a grocery checkout person (whoa, dream big!). Love it!!!!!

Round house

Let’s see if I can get back into the swing of blog things… I found an article about this house on Yahoo. Enjoy! PS. Our house is done and we’ve been living in it for about a month. It is … Read More

Kitchen floor – done!

We went to Cincinnati on Sunday, and when we came back, !POOF! the kitchen floor was finished! Thanks to Mom and Dad for being such busy worker bees (and landlords, and childcare providers, etc… Team Browning will be forever in … Read More

Open for business

You can “do your business” at our house now, but you’ll get no privacy. I started to yell at Chris last night for peeing with the door open until I realized that we have no doors yet. Yes, he has … Read More

House updates

Floor in the master bathroom: done! Casing and trim done on one window, 8 more to go… The table looks awesome in there, Bonnie!!! Can’t wait ’til the chairs can join it! (Sorry for the crappy photography. We’ve been taking … Read More

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