More Craigslist goodness

These lovely chairs (and table base) are for sale in Indy on Craigslist for $350. This is directed towards anyone who has recently asked me to come and decorate their house… just sayin’…

Another sneak peek

I’m slowly but surely making some progress on this year’s calendar. I’m going to try REALLY hard to have it in my etsy shop by Thanksgiving. I’ve got my work cut out for me…

NY Times strikes again (and again)

Here is an article and slideshow about this adorable apartment in NYC that I found on the NY Times website: And in an unrelated article and slideshow, you can read about this little apartment as well:

Sweet posters

Found these beauties here. And they’re affordable!!! I had clicked through so many links when I came across these that I couldn’t remember how I found them. I had to ask Chris Browning how to search my browsing history. So … Read More

Jane’s birthday party project #4

We are by no means going into the cake business anytime soon, but I think we did ok for our first try. I say “we”, but I was only about 20% involved in this project. Daddy is definitely the cook … Read More


Found this cute little set of kiddie patio furniture on Craigslist for $20!!! My friend Rippy picked them up for me in Indy. This guy apparently wanted to get rid them badly enough that he left them on the porch … Read More

Jane’s birthday party project #3

I bought the plates, napkins, etc. for Jane’s birthday party at Target back when she was only a few months old: (Picture is crappy because I took it at night…) And as a party favor, each family received a photo … Read More

Jane’s birthday party project #2

Of course we needed a Happy Birthday sign to hang up, but of course nothing I found in stores was good enough. So what did I do? Make one myself!! The font is called Big Top found here. This is … Read More

Jane’s birthday party project #1

My baby girl turned one on Tuesday (sniff, sniff). But oh, how fun and smart and hysterical she is!!! I much prefer this age than when she was an infant. She continues to amaze us on a daily basis. So … Read More


While Chris was in the check-out line at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this weekend (buying cake baking/decorating supplies – more on that later if it turns out well), Jane and I perused the clearance aisles. And not caring who heard … Read More

Holy cow

Craigslist may become hazardous to my health. I just found these barstools and about had a stroke. If I didn’t already love the barstools I have, I’d consider replacing them. I really only have room for two in my kitchen. … Read More

You must read this book

Funniest shit I ever read. And smart too. I will make Jane read it someday when I’m ok with her dropping f-bombs everywhere. You can buy it here.


My newly betrothed friend Rippy just bought a new house with her dude. I made her this little design for her to distribute via email or postcard to announce their new address. Congrats to the future Mrs. Weaver!!

That’s Entertainment!

I was digging through the $3 DVD bin at Big Lots the other day, and this caught my eye: I love retro fonts! I love the 70’s (which is when this documentary was produced, hence the retro artwork)!! Ok, so … Read More

New artwork for Jane’s bathroom

Jane is hosting her first play date this Saturday, so I’m really trying to tie up some loose ends as far as decorating goes. I’m certain the success of the event hinges on what is hanging on our walls. Six … Read More

Sneak peek

I just started working on my 2011 desk calendar, and I’m pretty pleased with it so far: Here is my calendar from last year. I will probably update the days on it and sell it again this year as well … Read More


If you have ever needed a piece of furniture to warm you, play you music, and get you drunk, then this is the piece for you. I say, if a piece of furniture can do all of these things, who … Read More

Head to your local library

This is a good book to check out. If I can find it at the Jackson County Public Library, you can probably find it just about anywhere. If you need to own it, you can buy one here.

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