I haven’t traveled anywhere on vacation since my honeymoon 5 1/2 years ago. I am long overdue. So we’re going to Myrtle Beach this summer. I am super pumped, and I’m not even that crazy about the ocean. I just … Read More

Under construction

Just in case anyone would get a random whim to visit my website, be forewarned that I’m trying to revamp it. I want to switch from Blogger to WordPress, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I suppose I’ll … Read More

The house tour begins

We almost had company over this weekend, so a few of the rooms in our house got cleaned. I figured I’d take the opportunity to take pictures at the request of Cousin Jen in London. Aside from a few small … Read More


I’m liking what I found on Craigslist Cincinnati tonight: Pair of “Space Age Captain Kirk” chairs – $600 Set of 4 Bertoia chairs – $800 Vintage table and floral chairs – $120

New digital card

Now available for purchase in my etsy shop: Can also be used as a birthday invitation.

Hey Micke

I can never go to IKEA and only purchase what I intended to. Among other things, this Micke drawer unit came home with us last weekend and solved the problem of what kind of end table to put in the … Read More

New talent

I am so proud of myself. I have learned how to make a mood board!!! I have always loved the ones that Nicole makes on Making it Lovely, but my Photoshop skills are terrible. This website got me started, and … Read More

Digital cards

I’m now selling digital cards in my etsy shop. Once you purchase the item from my shop, you email me with your info, and I email you back with a jpeg that you can have printed at any photo printing … Read More

I need to own this

Chris Browning, can we pick this up when we’re in Cincinnati next weekend? Do you think it will fit in the Honda? We might need to see if we can take Mom’s car because I’d also really like to go … Read More

These look familiar

Found these lamps on Craigslist Louisville: They appear to be the same lamp that I have in my spare bedroom: The lamp belonged to my Gma C. It’s obviously been painted, which suits me fine because it blends in well … Read More

Holy Craigslist, Louisville!

Louisville Craigslist usually disappoints me, but tonight, they hit it out of the ball park: Black and white chair and table – $120 Yellow chair – $25 Teardrop clock – $15 And while I’m on the subject, Craigslist Bloomington pointed … Read More

Rad rooms from the 70’s

I recently found this fantastic book at Half Price Books. I really don’t understand why more houses don’t look like this. This is giving me ideas for my unfinished basement. Here are the highlights: Kory is one lucky kid. At … Read More

Cat’s out the bag

This was just sent to me in a mass email from my friend Rippy. I think it’s safe now to share with you this design I made for her. Yes, you read that right. My friend Rip is marrying a … Read More

I’ve got nothing

Happy New Year. How have you been? I’ve obviously had zero ideas for blog posts lately, and it’s starting to get on my nerves. I’ve actually been working on a couple of things (a save-the-date card and a birthday invitation), … Read More

Back in business

Happy birthday to me! The calendar is DONE and for sale in my etsy shop. For those of you who have bought one in the past, I am also selling just the refill part so you don’t have to buy … Read More

Christmas project #1

Honestly, this may be my one and only project for Christmas. I will most likely run out of time for the other one I have planned, but if I manage to squeeze it in, I’ll let you know. So anyway, … Read More

Slowly but surely

I swear I’ll have this stupid calendar done soon. I’m pi$$ed that it’s not done already. I’m in a major creative slump. The winter blues seem to have hit me a bit early…

Best mail day ever

I’ve been on a vintage jewelry kick lately. It’s so exciting when new treasures arrive in the mail. Today, two different necklaces arrived! First, I opened this white beauty: And then I opened this cutie, which came all the way … Read More

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