Pinterest is my new obsession. If you are online as much as I am, you will want to jump on this band wagon. It is a website where you can collect images of all of the awesome things you find … Read More

Shopping spree – CB2

I got the new CB2 catalog in the mail this week. I love looking through it and dreaming about all of the things in it that I’d love to own. I decided to put together a pretend shopping spree with … Read More

Cotton bowl

I thought I needed an apothecary jar in Jane’s bathroom to hold cotton balls, but during my search, I found this instead: I love it because it reminds me of Eero Aarnio’s ball chair, which is probably my favorite chair in … Read More

Movie review – (500) Days of Summer

I’ve decided to start writing movie reviews because I can. I’ve always been concerned that the things I write on my blog are “too” this and “not very” that, but who cares. I can’t offend people that don’t read my … Read More

Graduation invite

Here is another invitation I recently completed. If you know of anyone that needs a graduation invitation, please send them to my etsy shop!!

New digital card

Here is the second version of the eighth grade formal invitation I designed. (Here was the first.) This is the one they chose. They punched holes in the top so they could tie ribbons in them. It is now for … Read More

Another cute bag

I saw this gorgeous print on the front page of etsy today: So I looked at the rest of their (Inaluxe) shop and found these: They would match my living room walls whenever I decide to redecorate (mental note)… So then … Read More

House tour – spare bedroom

So here are the official pictures of the spare room. You previously saw the unofficial ones here and here. I wish I could give you a good picture of the curtains. They really make the whole room. The pattern, of … Read More


This print by Mike Davis of Burlesque of North America is fantastic. I love everything about it. I could sit and look at it for hours. I discovered it on Eight Hour Day‘s blog, the same people who created this … Read More


I got a Lakeside Collection catalog in the mail today. While browsing through it, I came across these old school Betty Crocker cookbooks: The illustrations caught my eye, so I looked them up on Amazon to see if I could … Read More

Delicious illustration

I bought this book because Jane Browning is a picky eater. And while I haven’t tried any of the recipes, I have thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations by Steve Vance: The pictures are so cute, it almost makes me want to … Read More

House tour – Jane’s room

Here is where the little lady of the house stays. I discussed her curtains in a previous post. I also previously mentioned the red chair, yellow chair, and bedding here and here. The crib is convertible, so she’ll be using it … Read More

Wine on the brain

Sounds like a medical condition, right? I did already tell Chris that I plan on drinking while cleaning the house tonight… But actually my previous post about the wine hanger has reminded me that we don’t have a wine rack … Read More

Holy macrame

Jane was invited to her first play date a few weeks ago (thanks Gilbert family!). And in their home hangs the most magnificent thing I’ve seen in awhile – a macrame wine bottle holder! I didn’t even know they existed!! … Read More

House tour – master bath

This tour isn’t in any kind of spatial order. It’s more like, whichever room is clean when I have time to take pictures. So here’s the master bathroom, the most girly room in the house: Since we have a 6 … Read More


I found this clock at Kmart (of all places) this weekend during our trip to Cincinnati. I have been looking for a clock to put in the spare room, and this is perfect. I have long wanted a starburst clock, … Read More

Eighth grade formal invitation

I was recently commissioned to design an invitation for a local junior high. This is one of the two options I gave them, and it is now for sale in my etsy shop. I’ll post the one they chose after … Read More

Tea totally

I really like these Jonathan Adler tea towels (they’re even on sale for $6 a piece), but I have no use for them. I don’t even technically know what tea towels are used for. I’ve tried to use them as … Read More

First post on the new blog

I at least have this much figured out. It still doesn’t look the way I want it to yet, and the font is all wrong. It’s really hard to try and figure this stuff out in one-hour snippets. The new … Read More

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