About a month ago three months ago (this post has sat in the hopper for awhile), I was able to spend some quality time with my gal pal Alison in Bloomington. During my stay, I was also able to clock a few hours combing through the Bloomington Antique Mall at my leisure. There’s something about the smell of old things, combined with the creaky wood floors of the building and the sounds of the ’60’s satellite radio station playing overhead that is really good for the soul. Also, I had nowhere to be! Alone! Such a luxury!

I mostly took pictures instead of buying (kind of like a live Pinterest experience). Here are some of the treasures that caught my eye.

A couple of ads that could be pinned to this board.

ad 1

ad 2

Cute packaging alert! I’d pin the cookie cutters to this board

package 1

… the soap to this board

package 2

… and this candy tin (?) to this board.

package 3

Of course I love a good retro logo, which would go here.

logo 1

I also saw some pretty awesome album covers, which would fit right in on this board.

cover 1

cover 2

cover 3

Not only do I love to pin album covers but book covers as well.


How sweet are these games? Here’s some others that I have pinned.

game 1

game 2

Ah… now on to some housewares and decor! I really liked these glasses, but I didn’t $36 like them. So onto this board they will go.

hw 1

This red and white thing is a… cake holder, maybe? Anyway, it’s cute and can be pinned to this board.

hw 3

This teapot could join the others on this board.

hw 4

I’m not sure one could have enough planters, but I regretfully left this one behind. You can see some of my other favorites on this board.

hw 2

Is this an urn? Like to put ashes in? I really liked it, very Jonathan Adler-y, but it was $50+ which was too much in my book.

hw 5

I’ve looked at these little wooden dishes during more than one visit to BAM, but I just have no use for them. Sigh…

hw 6

This is my favorite booth at BAM. Does this surprise anyone? I’ll take it all, please!!

fave 1

(Pssst… this orange casserole dish now resides in my kitchen…!)

fave 2

I’m drawn to this tray, of course, but like the wooden dishes, I just don’t know what I would use it for.

fave 3

Hi fishy! Hi cute apple tea towel thingy! I’ll probably grab that tea towel if it’s still there the next time I go.

fave 4

And this Coronet typewriter. Let me just tell you that those wonderful buttons persuaded me to buy a gold-ish colored one on ebay, on which I discovered that the “e” key didn’t work, which subsequently caused the seller to refund my money and allow me to keep the machine. So if anyone knows how to fix an old school electric typewriter, give me a holler. Anyhoo, here’s the board on which this lovely machine could land.

hw 7

Here’s a couple of pieces that could go on the furniture board.

furniture 1

furniture 2

And did anyone else have one of these plastic fans as a kid?! I feel like mine came from Hannibal, MO or some rando place like that. (Here’s a board with several other toys from my childhood.)

blast from the past

Ok, here’s one for the miscellaneous board. Baby hands. It doesn’t get any more random than that. And Cougar Town fans – doesn’t it remind you of this scene?!?!

random 2

That’s all folks. I can’t top baby hands.

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