Here we go again! Another year of annuals, and another year of trying to get it just right. Thankfully I feel like I’m improving.


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I call this “Flower Pots: The Gathering“. Most of this is due to the gnat situation we had going on with our house plants last year. And I decided not to put anything out on the deck this year. So all available pots are front and center.

outdoors (2)

We even had Hello Kitty answer the call to arms! Oh, and on another note, you can kind of see where the blue paint has chipped and the gold is showing through. Considering that these pots stayed outside all winter, I’d still call painting them a success.

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Ok, so I had way too many pots to shove in that little area, and the porch needed some love. I had always wanted some type of plant stand up there, but I didn’t know how or what. Luckily the universe reminded me that we had some random pavers in our back yard, and POOF! They turned into the easiest DIY plant stand known to man.

outdoors (4)

I really love our storm door, but when we swap it out for the screen door, it messes with the color of our beautiful orange door.

outdoors (5)

outdoors (6)

And look how big our shrubs are getting!

outdoors (7)

Remember when they looked like this? Or even worse yet when there was nothing?! Well, we planted some more on the south side of the house last fall, and they’re still pretty pitiful. So we’ll just call this the “before” picture:

outdoors (8)

And there’s also a sad little pin oak nearby:

outdoors (9)

But they will grow up together and be lifelong friends. ;)

And now concluding the outside tour of Brownington Abbey is the terribly neglected back yard that will soon host many an eaten burger and drunken beer. We’re building a patio!!!

outdoors (10)

So remember when I said we needed this little patio? Well, ground has been broken, and the chairs are in the building:

outdoors (11)

Now all we need is 12 tons of sand, some boards, paint, and pavers to make this a reality:

a beautiful mess

This is going to be a good summer, taters. :)

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