shopping spree – CB2

It’s been almost exactly three years since I did the last CB2 shopping spree, so it’s high time to do another!


I’m still dreaming away at all the things I could do with our still unfinished basement (although we have made some progress with the store room!). But honestly, I could find homes for all of these goodies in our current living space. Tomorrow will be the fourth anniversary of moving in (holy cow!!). Everything is pretty much done being decorated, but really, by the time you finish, you’re ready to start again. Maybe not a complete overhaul, but some things could definitely stand to be switched out from time to time.

Ok, let’s get started!

1.  $99.95  chuck wood storage (Aside from saving up to pour a concrete driveway, I’m making room in the budget to put down a temporary paver patio outside of the basement door, and I want it to look like this. And I’m going to need two of these chairs to sit on. So wouldn’t this little wood cubby look amazing out there?)

2.  $89.95  cube table-planter

3.  $357.00  crumpled trees metallic wallpaper – 3 rolls; $119.00 each (I really want to put wallpaper on the inset wall behind the entertainment center. This might be the one.)

4.  $229.00 recycled teak mirror

5.  $12.99  color block square platter

6.  $39.95  dare vanity mirror

7.  $14.97  electric green hand towels – 3 towels; $4.99 each

8.  $9.99  java jr. mini creamer

9.  $34.95  color block pillow

 $888.75  TOTAL (not including tax and shipping) – cheaper than last time!!

PS. Here are some more things that will hopefully end up in the basement someday.

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  1. Chris says:

    Good luck keeping Jane out of the wood cubby…

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