playing catch up

It’s so far past Christmas that I hesitate to even share any of this stuff, but if I don’t, it’s going to bug me. So, here smashed into one post are all of the holiday related things I wanted to share but ran out of time because I was too busy living and soaking in the Christmas spirit.

1. I designed a couple of invitations. The first one was for the Santa party at work.

P-christmas 2-01

I designed them to coordinate with all of the Oriental Trading party supplies we ordered:


The second invite I designed was for our extended family’s Christmas party:

P-christmas 3-01

2. Here was our Christmas card this year:

christmas 6-01

Her dress was pleated, and she twirled it to the best of her ability.

3. I attempted to design some gift tags but ran out of time. This is as far as I got:


4. The obligatory school ornament. She is officially a student.


5. I found these cute stickers at Walmart. I’m not sure what to do with them though. I may turn into a crazy old lady that decorates for Christmas by hanging up entire sheets of stickers on her walls. It’s better than wrapping up your cat to give as a gift, right?


6. Speaking of old ladies, I had a birthday. I still look decent for 36, right?


I’m not normally into taking selfies that don’t include someone else, but I took this because I had forgotten what I looked like without glasses (I gave up on contacts over 10 years ago). Looking in the mirror when I’m washing my face doesn’t count because I’m blind, so I had to take a picture that I could turn around and look at with my glasses on (#oldpeopleproblems). Also, I’ll be caving and getting bifocals this year.

No specific new year’s resolutions as usual. Just keep on keeping on!!

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  1. Chris Browning says:

    So pretty!

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