How did I not know about this?!

Get thee to a Target store STAT. Orla Kiely is selling cosmetic bags.

orla one

orla two

I consider myself a pretty avid design blog reader, but I only happened upon these by accident, on eBay of all places, when they wisely suggested one of the train cases to me. I have no idea how long they’ve been available, but I have proactively procured one of the Sweet Pea Weekenders from a ¬†near-ish Target (cause I live in the sticks and there are no Targets I can pop into, and this continues to be devastating yet character-building) which my sweet pea husband will be picking up for me this week.


This makes me so glad I hadn’t yet pulled the trigger on this little Clava cutie that I have been stalking for months.


Fingers crossed my Target transaction goes off without a hitch. The word “beta” was mentioned, which makes me a little nervous…

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