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So, a few weeks ago, Jane Browning asked me when I was going to get out our Halloween decorations… Yeah, I didn’t have any. I go all out for Christmas, but nothing for any other holiday or season. Hell, I’m still trying to finish up the regular decor of house 3 1/2 years later.

I took Jane’s question as a personal challenge. And I’m certain I made it harder on myself than need be. But I wanted these decorations to look like they fit in with the rest of the house and not just haphazardly slap some pumpkins and skulls all over the place. I took the most logical next step and pinterested the heck out of some Halloween ideas. And I had to DIG, because I have neither white walls nor black furnishings to provide a decent base for tasteful, non-scary/creepy/gross decor.

Enough of the boring chatter – here’s what I came up with:



The yarn candy corn thing was inspired by this pin. I intended to create the separate cones as shown until I realized that three different sized foam cones would set me back over $10. And Walmart had this cone topiary for $6! And I like it better anyway! I had the yarn and paint already in my stash at home, so done and done. I love how it turned out!

The boo banner came from this pin. I followed the instructions fairly closely. At first glance I thought it was just made out of felt but then realized upon further reading that it’s made with black fabric and this stuff called stabilizer, both of which came cheaply from WM. Score! I’m in love with it as well.

Oh, and the pumpkins in a vase idea came from this pin, because I didn’t dream it up on my own.


This little skeleton q-tip guy came from this pin. If you make this, make sure to get both of his arm sections on. Mine hung on the wall looking like a t-Rex for a few days before I realized my mistake.


The wreath is my version of this pin. I like hers a whole lot better than how mine turned out, but I did the best I could with what I could find. I was thrilled to have at least found black and white zig zag ribbon! And the little black beads on white stems didn’t come that way. Black Sharpies, time, and dedication were involved. This project is just alright, dawg. A little pitchy. It needs a little something else, but I don’t know what.


The batmobile wasn’t from a pin, but it was kind of a no-brainer. I’ve had the mobile for awhile but never found a good use for it. Proudly, it has now found its purpose in life. If only we could all be that lucky.


I found this awesome black plastic plate at Target and knew it needed to be used as a sign of some sort, so I slapped on a Halloween design of mine from years ago and called it done.


Jane picked out the black flower bouquet because it’s Daddy’s favorite color.



And finally my one true original contribution to the Halloween decor collective. Paper clips! That look like stems! Holding foam pumpkins to a piece of twine! It blows the mind, right? I don’t expect Martha to be calling me anytime soon. ;)

In all honesty, there are actually a few other pumpkins and skulls slapped haphazardly throughout the house, but they were too boring to document. And just when I think I’ve done a decent job at giving Jane Browning the Halloween decorations she wanted, she asks me, “Where’s the purple? Grandma says that purple is a Halloween color!”

Tough crap, kid. ;)

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