tiny IKEA furniture

doll furniture

I discovered this tiny adorable IKEA doll furniture via Door Sixteen and knew that Jane (I) had to have it. We were in Cincinnati this past weekend, so of course we picked up a set.

The package it came in contained little punch-out cardboard accessories, but I new we could do better than that. And then I remembered the doll houses from Young House Love and Making it Lovely, so the wheels in my head started spinning. Luckily we had a big cardboard box that our new chair came in that was begging to be transformed. A little wrapping paper, shelf paper, fabric scraps, and scotch tape later, here’s what we ended up with:


 For the record, I let Jane pick out the flooring and wall coverings. (I personally would have went with the Carol Brady floral and the “oak” shelf paper. The “cherry” will show dust… *shakes head*)


I should have chosen better fabric for the window treatments, but I doubt that Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig give a rip. At least they open and close!


Jane loves it and I love it, so that’s a win in my book!

And apparently I’m not the only one who took this whole thing a step further – check out what I found in the new IKEA catalog when I finally sat down to read it!!

catalog 1

Ha! At least mine (hers) has “hardwood” flooring. ;)

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