new chair for the spare room

A.Z. Vintage came through for me again! I’d been needing a new desk chair in the spare room, and lo and behold, this showed up in her shop:


Yes, thank you, I’ll take it.


So now my dilemma is, do I paint it white?


It’s recently been reupholstered, but it’s just not going to work. I already had some fabric I wanted to use for this purpose anyway.


I haven’t redone it yet, because if I’m going to paint it, it needs to happen while it’s disassembled. (No disassemble!)


 Can it stay the color it is, or does it need to be white? Anyone with an opinion?

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4 Responses to new chair for the spare room

  1. Chris Browning says:

    Solid Short Circuit reference!

  2. Amy says:

    Johnny Five is alive!!

  3. Amanda Lowery says:

    Yes, paint it white:)

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