Epcot (and WDW)


We’ve been home from our Disney vacation for almost a month now. It was hot, it was crowded, it was physically draining (not to mention financially draining), but man we had a good time.


Epcot was my favorite of all the parks we went to, mostly because of its smaller crowds. I think of all three of us could have spent a few more days there – ¬†Chris drinking around the “world”, Jane meeting princesses, and me soaking in tiny bits of culture (and gift shops) in each of the “countries”.


I also enjoyed all of the retro graphics left over from Epcot’s 30th anniversary last October. I love that the designs are a throw-back to all that was graphically awesome in the early 80’s. And yeah, I was a crazy tourist who totally took pictures of t-shirts in gift shops.

epcot shirts

I took home this rad charm bracelet that represents each of the pavilions (if you dig the pavilions, also check out these rad posters).

Because I’m a nerd, I dug up some photos of other merchandise and graphics from the anniversary (click on any of the photos in the slideshows for sources):

And I also dug up some vintage Epcot merchandise:

It’s also worth mentioning that the rest of Disney was offering some sweet, retro-looking shirts (I got the red one on the right)…

disney shirts

… so of course I’ll share with you the few vintage Disney World souvenirs I came across as well:

PS. A few more things because this post is getting long and I’m cutting myself off:

  • This is a rabbit hole I just found that might be worth looking into.
  • How adorable is this iPad case?!?!
  • The map they recreated is pretty cool, but check out these old photos!!
  • I have clearly drank the Disney water. It’s all a big cliche, and I don’t care…! ;)
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