showing print #50 some love

I really like what I design even though I haven’t had much success with it and it doesn’t seem to fit in well with current trends. But I’m going to go about my business and live in my own little world as I do regardless.

I’ve been going through a bit of a creative dry spell thanks to my mid-life crisis at 35. Very little “new stuff” is coming to me, so I’m taking this time to do some housekeeping (redesigning my website and logo and cleaning up my portfolio), finishing up some little projects around the house, and rehashing a bit the work I’ve already created.

One of my favorite past times is to peruse etsy for vintage housewares and home decor. For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, you are already well aware of this fact! I love it because it doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t smell nasty-bad, and it’s a lot more convenient and time-saving than driving to a bunch of places and digging for the needle in a haystack. So instead of just pinning away, I thought throw together some of my finds, matched up with one of my prints to show you how I would decorate with it. (I would have just created a treasury on etsy, but apparently promoting your own items is frowned upon.)

print 50


This print actually hangs in our living room, and our walls are painted a light aqua color. Any of these items would look right at home in our house. And if I ponder it long enough, a couple of these might come to live with us if someone doesn’t beat me to it! ;)

I hope you enjoy this little grouping as much as I have making it!!

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