Last chance prints

I’m feeling the need to purge, as usually happens at the beginning of the year. That usually involves cleaning out all of our closets, but they’re actually in pretty good shape. I’ve been feeling some anxiety in regards to my design stuff, so guess what’s on the chopping block!!

I opened my etsy shop over 4 years ago, but sales have never been great. I’m as okay with that as I imagine one can be, and I’ll continue to keep designing and adding stuff to it regardless. But jeesus peezus I am sick to death of some of the crap that’s been in there since day one (or close to it)!!! It’s gotta go. So here’s your warning: if you ever entertained the idea of buying a poster or print of one of my designs, do it now. You have until January 31st.

Which ones specifically? Um, how about all of these:

last chance

This includes you, close friends and family members!!! If you want these dug up out of the hole I plan to bury them in, you’re going to have to show me an extremely attractive number. Buried, I say. In a subfolder to like the 12th degree.

There are a few prints that will continue to live on for now, ones that are newer and less annoying to me. And I’ll continue to offer them as posters.

Ok, I feel better already.

PS. Did I tell you about my notebooks?

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