Blogging from my phone

Mostly I’m writing this post to see how well writing a blog post from my phone would work. Maybe this way I’ll get to post more often!!

A few random things for you…

I’ve been a little uninspired lately, so I decided to bust out some paint and canvas boards. The results were less than desirable, so I think I’ll be putting it all back away.


I have never taken a painting class, can you tell?!

Also, this month I am being featured as a sponsor on Oh So Lovely Vintage, an awesome blog written by two adorable Canadian gals. Go check them out!


Ever heard of Taylorstone Cathay stoneware? I sure have, so when my MIL came across a lot of it (111 pieces! dirt cheap!) on her vacation to North Carolina, I had her snatch it right up for us!! Give me a shout if you’re interested in purchasing any of it. We sure can’t keep it all!


Have you checked out my etsy shop lately? You should! I’ve been adding some new prints!


Wonder how I’ve had the time to work on that? Well, beginning in June, I went to part-time at my day job!!! I now have Mondays off, and it’s SOOOOO nice. I hang out with Jane in the morning, and then I have the afternoon to work on my stuff. (Mad props to Chris Browning for being such a generous and supportive husband. ;) )

That should catch things up for now. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@jillbrowning_) and Instagram (username: jillbrowning) to find out everything in between! Peace out!!

Verdict: Not great, but not bad. Will probably blog more like this in the future. Regardless of how a blog post is written, they take FOREVER to write!

Update: I had to go to the full version of WordPress to tweak the formatting. Just sayin’…

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3 Responses to Blogging from my phone

  1. Erin says:

    Hi Jill! Erin here! I am definitely interesting in purchasing some of the plates/bowls! Want to email me back at this email with more info? Thanks girl!

  2. A.Z. Vintage says:

    Waddya mean you’re putting your paint supplies away?! I love it!!

  3. Love the Cathay pattern. I’ve got a whole set of the very similar Jamaica Bay. It’s hard to compile a complete set, so a stash like that is quite the find!

    Come check us out at

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