I’m pretty picky about shoes. They have to be comfortable, but they can’t look cheap or make me look like a granny. Also, the more functions they serve, the better (can you wear them with skirts? can you wear them to work? can you walk a decent distance in them?). I had a few pairs of sandals give out on me earlier this summer, and I can’t even begin to estimate the number of hours I have spent online trying to find replacements. I’m trying really hard as I get older to be more mindful of my purchases and not buy so much cheap, disposable crap (but still stay within my budget, but still convince my husband it’s a good investment, but not end up in the poor house).

Long story short, I love these Kork-Ease Ava sandals. I’m certain they are worth every penny, but I wish they were about 50% off.

Instead, I bought the nearly identical Arizona Sadie sandals from JCP for 90-freaking-percent off the price of the Kork-Ease.

They, too, are worth their price. I really do like them, and I hope they don’t fall apart anytime soon. I’ve worn them about a half-dozen times so far. They’re pretty comfy and don’t have too many scuff marks yet. I did, however, just notice today that the left shoe is starting to squeak a bit. I sincerely hope that’s not its death rattle. :( If you do decide to order a pair of these, get a half-size smaller than you normally would. They’re wide and pretty roomy.

My plan is just to wear the crap out of the JCP pair and stalk the Kork-Ease online until the price comes down. I have noticed some different styles of Kork-Ease showing up in my local TJ Maxx stores, so maybe destiny will bring us together in the end.

And just for $hits and giggles, here’s the pair I will buy when Chris Browning hits the lottery and says I can spend $218 on shoes:

I think they are beautiful and perfect.

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  1. Mymsie says:

    Thanks for the tip! I wanted those Kork-Ease sandals but couldn’t bring myself to pay so much!

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