Room redo

Hey all! Is everyone having a good summer? Ours has been pretty enjoyable. A good mix of busy and lazy. For the past few weeks, I had been consumed by a multi-family, hot mess of a garage sale at my aunt’s house. We made some pretty sweet cash and cleared out a bunch of crap, but MAN it was hot. It took a good week to recover, but I still have this hip/butt pain that is causing me to limp like a granny…

But the prize my eye was on through all of this? A bedroom REDO (yay!). My original plan for our master bedroom just never cut it. In my defense, I was either pregnant or a new mom when this house was being built and planned. I consider only 1 out of 7 rooms f’ed up a pretty good outcome.

I took the following pictures in May of last year but never shared them. Maybe in my gut I knew they’d work better as “before” pictures rather than “after” ones.

Biggest complaint? This room is too dark. The dark paint (Hallowed Hush by Behr) is one thing, but the dark furniture is another. Most of the black stuff in the room were things we had accumulated over the years, so it only made sense to buy black shelving from IKEA (Expedit and Lack, respectively). Lesson learned. The shelves now live at my brother and SIL’s house. Also leaving us were the lamps and the duvet cover (sorry Amy!). The duvet cover photographed prettier than it actually was. That color pallet was a pain in my a$$ from the start. Oh, and the paint color is staying. Two years is not enough time for bad painting memories to fade. (And yes, those pictures on the shelves are all of us. We get one taken every year on our anniversary.)

The jewelry chest is gone and so are the plastic totes on the shelves. What was I thinking?!? I’ll tell you exactly what I was thinking. “If I put all of our $hit in totes, then all I have to do is dust the top of them. Easy peasy.” Well, Jill, there’s another lesson learned. You try to cut corners, and then everything starts looking like a kindergarten classroom…

Really, we do get more light in our room than it looks like here.

The floor lamp is gone, the full-length mirror is gone, and somehow my wee-one has turned into a big girl! Unfortunately, that rat-king-of-a-cord-mess is still there, only now it’s shoved farther behind the cabinet.

The pictures are going to get relocated to outside our bedroom door. The laundry baskets can stay, much to my surprise. I really think I can make them work (famous last words).

So in the last year+ since I took these photos, our room has been in various stages of deconstruction. And it’s really bothered me. But now I have an almost-complete plan (wall stuff is so hard for me to figure out!!), and stuff’s fixin’ to go down. Here’s a little peek at what’s going to happen:

I would have liked to have put together a proper mood board with all the parts I have planned, but this is all I am capable of right now (I swear to God, if I don’t get some proper high-speed internet soon I will explode!!!!! Properly!!!). And don’t be jealous, but I got our new quilt at Target for $26.98. See?!?!

(Confession: I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since we got it. It’s not a cuddler. I consider that as the universe putting things back into balance.) I forgot about the faux butterfly chair (with the Marimekko cover that I got several years ago at Crate & Barrel) I had in the basement, but it will do for now. The fabric for the curtains is Heather Bailey, and I love it! The problem with making curtains out of quilting fabric is that it’s not wide enough. I’ll probably have to develop a physics equation to determine how much to order, and that makes my brain hurt. I guarantee the curtains with be the last thing I complete in this room, so don’t expect to see any “after” pictures for at least another year, ok?

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