Flower update

You live and you learn, right? It’s my first year as an amateur gardener, so I’m cutting myself a little slack. Remember the flowers that we planted in the “Daddy” pot?

Well, come to find out, the Creeping Phlox only blooms once a year. And it had clearly bloomed before we bought it. What a drag… Ok, I’m over it. Time to replace it and the Speedwell, because it really bothered me that we had inadvertently planted an annual with two perennials. So here is the new and improved Daddy pot:

The little flowers in the front with the spiky-looking leaves are Portulaca, or “Moss Rose”. I love that they are multi-colored, and their leaves remind me of succulents. I planted all of these new flowers about two weeks ago, and it looks like the moss roses are starting to get some new buds. I’ll share an updated pic if they ever wake up and do their thing. (Or I may be writing another post about my failings as a gardener, who knows…) The tall thingy to the left is a Medium Celosia, which come to find out is related to the plant I saw at the Butterfly Show that my blog buddy Kate identified for me. The tall thing on the right that stayed put (that I failed to identify last time) is Cordyline.

The Petunias, Marigolds, and Dusty Miller seem to be wildly happy. Team Browning for the win!

To fill out the pots on the deck I bought a Begonia (left) and an Ageratum (right). Isn’t the ageratum precious in that little yellow ball pot?! I have to be kind of careful with this one because the pot doesn’t have any drainage holes,  and Team Browning likes to do things in excess, like watering plants.

The Impatiens‘ new neighbor is a Coleus. We don’t have much shade around our house, so these guys are tucked so far back in the corner that they’re practically in our kitchen.

In not-so-happy news, we may have committed floral homicide (herbicide?). My mom had these beautiful miniature Carnations growing at her house:

And it appears that by moving them to our house and splitting them up, we have given them a death sentence:

I swear we watered the bejeesus out of them. Maybe they’re just in shock and will come out of it next year. Call me crazy, but that’s what happened with some of the bushes. Remember when they looked like this? (Remember when I didn’t know how to draw a proper circle? Jeez…)

Miracles do happen. ;)

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2 Responses to Flower update

  1. Maggie Hummel says:

    Jill great flowers lady! You might try to sprinkle some Epsom salts on the soil around the sicky plants. I use that on my house plants and in my one little flower bed to perk up the plants. Also it natural so if curious little hands happen to get in the dirt they aren’t touching a harsh chemical Happy Growing!!!

  2. jillbrowning says:

    Thanks Maggie! I’ve got some at home, so I’ll give them a shot of that when I water tonight! :)

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