Flowers and a new iphone app

Hey, guess what. We’ve been in our new house for two whole years this month! At what point do we have to stop calling it “new”? Also related – when do we have to stop calling our daughter “the baby”? She’s 2 1/2 years old now, and even though she is small for her age, she is getting SO BIG. When did this happen?!

Wook at dat beautiful crusty face...! ;)

I kind of feel like this house is our baby too, so part of it will always seem new. But the two year mark is high-time to start planting some flowers. Let me just say that not a lot of thought was put into what we chose. I had bought these pots awhile back – three sizes for daddy, mommy, and “baby”. (If you need a look at the front of the house, go here, here, and here. I’m proud to report that all of the shrubs made it through our mild winter, and our yard has been properly seeded and re-seeded in parts.) Since each of us has our own pot, I sorta-kinda let everyone choose what they wanted, with some guidance. There’s only so much control I can give up…

Isn't this a stone-cold pack of weirdos? (Name that movie...)

Chris chose his flowers by how cool their names were. The purple stuff is Speedwell (apparently also called Veronica), and the bushy stuff with no flowers is Creeping Phlox (I cannot look at this plant or talk about this plant without singing “Creeping Death” to myself…). I wanted there to be something tall in this pot, so I “suggested” this grassy thing (can’t remember the name). I apparently didn’t look at the tag very well, because not only is it not a perennial like the rest of the flowers in the pot (or as Chris calls it, a “perineum”), it can grow up to 5 feet tall. That just sounds unnecessary to me…

I chose Dusty Miller because my grandma always used to plant that with her geraniums, and Marigolds because they’re cheap and orange and Mom used to plant them a lot when we were little. My Aunt Linda had already given Jane a start of Petunias (don’t ask), so I let Jane pick out another color of them. Pinky/purple is her go-to color these days. Green has hit the road, which makes me a little sad. Please also note that she has a Homer the Gnomer protecting her pot. And she made sure to put rocks in each of the pots because that how she does.

Back on the deck, I put Lavendar in the big orange pot, and it smells SO good. I bought way too many dusty millers and marigolds, so they are making a reappearance in the little red pot.

Aunt Linda also gave Jane a start of Impatiens (people have a real problem with saying no to my child for some reason), so I put those in another little orange pot.

Jane chose another pink flower, of course.

We still have some more pots to fill, but this was plenty expensive and time-consuming for the time being.

Let’s go back and look at the orange pot that contains the lavendar, shall we?

 Now look at this picture I found on Pinterest yesterday (UPDATE: Here is the original post from Mr. Modtomic where this picture came from [thanks to Kate from Retro Ranch Revamp for pointing that out ;)]):

See anything similar?! Yeah, I’m gonna need someone to make me one of those plant stands. Now what can we make it out of…?

On a different subject, did you notice how the pictures of my flowers are trying really hard to be good? Well, I bought a new iphone app called VSCO Cam. I’m not major big into photography, but if I can get cuter photos for $.99, I’m all over it. Money well spent.

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3 Responses to Flowers and a new iphone app

  1. Katie says:

    What a cute photo of Jane! That’s one you’ll be glad you have for years down the road.

  2. Kate says:

    Hey Jill! Glad to see I’m not the only one gardening! Keep up the good work! Next month is our two year anniversary with our house too!

    Also, I would credit Mr. Modtomic with the photo of the planters and Broyhill Brasilia…its from his blog. ;)

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