My rad new friend Alison – part 1

So you know my ottoman that I can’t stop talking about (here, here, and here)? I’ve mentioned before that I bought it from AZ Vintage at the Bloomington Antique Mall. Well guess what. I finally got to meet “AZ”!!! Her name is Alison Zook, and she’s awesome.

And she’s opening her own store today.

And she is selling some of my goods in the new store!!!!!

That’s a whole bunch of awesome going on, let me tell you. So my SIL Jami and I headed over to Bloomington this past weekend to drop off my stuff. I totally wanted to shop, but girlfriend needed to keep the place good and stocked for opening day. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the grand opening this weekend, but¬†Alison let me take some pictures while we were there.

That’s Jami making herself at home:

Love that little blue bookshelf:

Dresses galore:

What about this amazing cabinet with the skinny drawers?!?! She said it came with the space and weighs a ton. It formerly belonged to IU.

Lovely housewares (I’ve got my eye on that flowered cannister in the top left corner):

I LOVE the fabric she used for dressing room curtains:

More housewares:

And what about that bitchin’ screen?! I could totally use that in our basement some day:

I would have totally taken this planter home with me:


Be sure to head over to 236 N. Morton Street in Bloomington (near the Bloomington Antique Mall and the Farmers Market) if you’re in the area!

Alison, I am so happy and excited for you, and I am CERTAIN your store will be a great success! Good luck and best wishes!!! :)

PS. Here are some official photos of the store that she put on Facebook.

PPS. Here‘s a little ditty written about her from the IDS.

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2 Responses to My rad new friend Alison – part 1

  1. Amy says:

    So excited for Alison and for you! Can’t wait to see what she’s done with the place when we make the trek next weekend.

  2. Alison says:

    Ooooh! I just now saw this!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and for documenting the set up process of the store. It was all such a blur, it’s nice to look back at it! Also, your stuff is selling like hot cakes! Hooray!! XOXO

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