Ahead of my time

Look how cute this little Rubik’s Cube chest of drawers is (found here):

Guess who had a similar brilliant idea back in college:

Yeah, that’s me, circa 1998 (check out the word processor box behind my chair!!). Yes, I have always been weird. No, it wasn’t Halloween. I had rollers in my hair because I was graduating from VU a few hours later. The pale face and tanned body is a combination of bad lighting, bad makeup, and bad decisions. I was 20, ok? What I didn’t know then could fill a warehouse.

So, the Rubik’s Cube table. The summer before my second year at VU, I had a dream that I was in some type of nerdy game store, like at the mall. From the ceiling hung a very large Rubik’s Cube, and I remember thinking to myself in the dream that it would make a cute table for my apartment at school. So (in real life) I had Dad build me one and I painted it. It was not nearly as sophisticated or well thought out as the one above, but I’m still pretty proud of it 13 years later. And where is it now? I’m pretty sure it’s in Mom and Dad’s basement covered in mold… :(

I apparently could have made some good money from the idea. This puppy‘s selling for $600:

Geez! Do these people not realize that a junior college “undergrad” can make one with her dad for like $20?

Can anyone guess what my TV stand was made out of?? I update you on that later. I gotta get some sleep so I can dream up my next brainchild.

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3 Responses to Ahead of my time

  1. Amy says:

    I remember the table but did not know that the idea came to you in a dream. Pretty great origin story!

  2. Jen Ives says:

    Ha! That is awesome! Your blog always makes me smile. :)))

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