I’ve been trying to shake things up a bit here on the blog (ok, really it’s more like a few nudges…).

  • I really didn’t like the background I had going on, so after a few days of playing around with other things that didn’t work, I settled on a plain white background. This was hard for me. Anyone who has been to my house can tell you that the only white walls in the place are in the closets (excellent advice to anyone building a new house: paint the insides of your closets white so you will never have to repaint them to match your walls). I made peace with it after determining that I already put enough color everywhere else.
  • I made my header smaller so the focus could be more on content and less on my name. (Hi, I’m Jill, but let’s move on with it, ok? No big whoop.)
  • I’m on Facebook now (as an “artist”)!! Thanks to everyone who already “likes” me! So happy to have you! Up until this point I had been posting links from my blog to my personal account, but now I will only be posting blog posts to my artist page. This helps me feel less like I am trying to cram anything down anyone’s throat.
  • I’m also on Twitter! I had created an account awhile ago but didn’t start using it until I got my new iphone. It’s a new obsession.
  • I have my own little Amazon store! Anytime I talk about a new product that I love or want that you can find on Amazon, I will add it to my little store. I supposedly will receive a tiny little cut if anyone purchases anything from my link. I’m not holding my breath… I didn’t sign up thinking I’d make any money from it. I just think it’s cool to have another little shop, kind of like when I was a kid and used to play “pretend” store. (I played a lot of “pretend” stuff when I was little; please tell me I’m not the only one…!)
  • The links to Facebook, Twitter, and my Amazon store are on my header menu, along with my Pinterest account (seriously, if you are not already on Pinterest, you should be!!!).
  • I put a much-needed new picture of myself on the about page. It was taken during our second “photo shoot“. Thanks again, Jami!

That just about covers it. There’s a million more things I’d like to change/update/add/try/fix, but there are only so many hours in the day. It can’t keep me from trying, though! ;)

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3 Responses to Updates!

  1. Amy says:

    The new “About” picture looks great! I know it was a struggle for you, but I like the all-white background too.

    For my money, nothing beats the pretend library we operated out of my closet in Vincennes.

  2. Look at you miss thaang!!

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