A fun time was had

Chris and I both took the day off from work for Jane’s birthday last Wednesday. We took her to the Louisville Zoo, did a little shopping, and then ended the day at Mom’s for a cookout. We both took the day off for her birthday last year, but very little fun was had. As we were headed to the Children’s Museum in Indy, we ran over a ladder on the interstate. We spent most of the day getting the car fixed, but luckily no one was hurt! This year was much better. Here’s a quick and dirty of our recent festivities.

The birthday day started off with a big a$$ Elmo balloon:

And the “2” shirt Mommy made for her (here’s last year’s), on which she immediately dripped M&M drool (thank God for Stain Stick) :

Then we had cupcakes for breakfast (made with love by Daddy):

And finally made our way to the zoo:

Where Jane made friends with a lizard thing:

After that, we saw stuff:

And then some more stuff:

And, wouldn’t you know, we ran into Elmo again!

Then on Saturday, we had her birthday party with the whole family:

Where Mommy made her pose for a senior picture by a tree in her now stain-free birthday shirt:

And the rest is just a blur of pizza, cake, presents, kids, and wine. ;) What a wonderful birthday it was!!

Love you so much, Janey-Me. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!

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5 Responses to A fun time was had

  1. Chris says:

    Good times!

  2. Amy says:

    You were not kidding when you said she partied her butt off! What a fun tradition. (Glad it didn’t end up like last year’s outing.) Had a great time at the party on Saturday.

  3. Punkin says:

    Love it!!!

  4. Jives says:

    How sweet! I love seeing pics of the fam – looks like Jane had a fab birthday! Miss you guys xx

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