Photo-Lettering, Inc.

Photo-Lettering, Inc. (“PLINC”) has only recently flown onto my radar. Not only am I pumped about their services (you can have words and small phrases converted into awesome fonts for a small fee without having to buy the entire font), I’m also totally pumped about the free catalog I got in the mail! Here are the highlights:

I also now get fun little emails from them that say stuff like this:

PLINC is partly owned by the font foundry House Industries. I highly recommend checking out both websites if font-y goodness interests you. And if you sign up for an account, you immediately get one free setting and the option to be mailed a free catalog. Once you receive the catalog, you get two more free settings. I’ve used one of the three so far, just to see how it works…


…but I’m hoarding the other two until I decide how I want to use them. Decisions, decisions…!

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  1. I’m excited to go play around on there!

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