Note cards!!!

‘Member these?

They’re in my etsy shop now! Yay!

Feel free to give me mad props on my Photoshop skills, yo. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to pretty up my product photos. Don’t believe me? Here’s one of the photos I started with:

If I factored in Photoshop time to my retail price, each card would cost about $300 or so. Now with this off my back, I go to bed…

PS. Is “notecard” really not a word? I keep getting spell-checked on it. I’ve probably been spelling it wrong for years along with “alot”. GAC.

PPS. I check my blog spam filter every few days to make sure that no legit comments have gotten stuck. Most of the spam is written in Polish or wants me to buy Viagra. I found one tonight that referenced “police academy movie”. Made me chuckle. And think of Bubba Smith.

PPPS. Whoa! Bubba Smith died last month? Where have I been?

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