Justice of the peace

Hi. I haven’t posted much lately. I’m going to throw Jane Browning under the bus on this one. She has been difficult/clingy/high-maintenance-y/scream-y with a side of chatty adorableness. All in all, a handful. Keeping her occupied has certainly been a tag-team effort. Chris and I agree that if we lived in an apartment, we’d surely be evicted for violating the noise-level ordinance. Thankfully, the boonies are ordinance free…

So, I have a lot of things to talk about! See this guy?

Yeah, he married us almost 6 years ago:

Apparently he has appeared on a recent episode of Bridezillas and, subsequently, an episode of The Soup (watch the video to about the 58 second mark):

Class act, right? I can’t say I’m surprised. He was kind of a d-bag. One of my cousins dubbed him “J.P. Funnymaker” because he kept making stupid jokes. Oh well, he got the job done, I suppose…!

(For anyone who might be in the market for a good WordPress video plugin, I recommend this one. I actually wrote this post a few days ago but was having a hell of a time trying to get the video to embed.)

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