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I’m sensing that this may become a recurring feature on this blog. Lucky me, I continue to receive emails and texts from people I know sending me pictures and links of things that remind them of me! So flattering!

First up is a link to a potty chair from Katie (of macrame wine-holder fame [she hosted said playdate]). She said, “Okay Jill, here’s my first “This made me think of you”… It’s a little more modern than mid-century like many of the things you post in your blog, but I thought you might like the sleek lines. Plus, it’s a potty, how timely! (I don’t know about making a potty part of the design of a bathroom, but…)”

 I know, most people wouldn’t be flattered by a potty chair, but I was. It’s a good-looking potty chair:

Unfortunately, I had already bought Jane a potty chair that’s not nearly as cute, but don’t think I didn’t buy one that coordinates with the rest of the bathroom. Because I did. (Disclaimer: the original link Katie sent me was to the blue version of the above potty chair, but it’s no longer available so I found a link to the red version.) Thanks, Katie!!

Next up are some stamps you may all have seen before that are currently available at the post office:

My cousin Amanda texted me this picture and said, “saw these stamps and thought of u….very retro cool:)”. I’m guessing she had already used the first four stamps when she took the picture, so here’s a better picture so you can see the retro-coolness in more detail:

I’ve been meaning to get some before they sell out, but I’m not in the P.O. very often. I think I’ll just order some from the website here directly. Thanks, Manda!

And last is a link that was emailed to me from my mother-in-law Bonnie of a slideshow of “Strange Buildings Around the Country“:

I personally can’t stop giggling over the “most read” headlines in the bottom right corner. I’m trying really hard not to click on them myself! Ohio, you should be so proud… But anyway, it is an interesting slideshow. This is my favorite one:

Thanks, Bonnie!

So a potty chair, some retro stamps, and weird buildings… Yep, that about sums me up!!!

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  1. Katie says:

    Oooh, I love those stamps! I always buy commemorative stamps, they are so much more fun.

    And leave it to me to think no one would include their potty chair in their bathroom design–very little of my home has cohesive design plan, period! :)

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