Cool building

My sister and I were in Indianapolis recently for our friend Rippy‘s bridal shower/bachelorette party, and we spent the night with our cousin Amy in Broad Ripple. On our way home, I made Steph stop at the Goodwill by Amy’s house so I could take a quick peek (I almost came home with a tissue box cover, but I couldn’t handle how dirty it was).  I noticed this buildling on the little street behind Goodwill, so I also made Steph do a drive-by so I could catch a picture of the place (I’m pretty bossy).

According to their website, “The School of Metaphysics was brought into the world in 1973 as a place where all people of all backgrounds could come to study, learn, teach, research the ways to live in harmony with the Universal Laws that govern creation.” Pretty cool, huh?! Sounds like I could use some more metaphysics in my life, especially if it meant visiting this building on a regular basis!

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