Beach bag revisited

Oh summer, where did you go? I know that summer isn’t technically over, but it might as well be because all of the kids around here are back in school. Poor things.

I thought I’d mention what kind of beach bag I ended up using this summer, because I know you’re all dying to know ;). I had debated between this one and this one, but I ended up getting this plastic basket with handles that I found at CVS:

I mostly bought it because it reminded me of a yellow basket very similar to this one that my mom had (actually, still has somewhere but couldn’t easily locate) back in the day that she used for various purposes including hauling beach stuff around. I also bought it because it was way bigger than those other bags, and we always seem to have a lot of stuff. It also made me think of this other plastic handled basket that she used to carry as a “diaper bag” (her words – mind you this would have been probably late ’70’s to early ’80’s). And she still has it (and totally sent me a pic of it on her cellphone)!!!!

Oh, the memories. That thing, full to the brim, probably shoved in the back seat of our ’77 Monte Carlo… Of course I had to search to see if you could still find them anywhere, and of course, you can. There’s not a whole lot you can’t find on etsy!!!

They called it a Shamrock-Neatway tote. If I had to guess, you probably got them free at the grocery store with a book of stamps or something. It seems people got a lot of stuff that way back in the day! If you’re looking for a brand-new one, though, the closest thing I found was this one

… but it sounds like you have to buy a thousand of them from some place in China or something. No thanks. I did find this other rad basket/tote thingy on etsy:

I mean, what’s cooler than that?! Beach blanket bingo, anyone?

PS. Yes, I have vertical blinds in my kitchen and yes, I love them (a major no-no in some circles)! Not only am I in the bowels of the graphic design industry, I’m also in the bowels of the decorating community as well. And proud of it!!

PPS. I’m also a dork that enjoys using the Emoticons that come standard with this WordPress theme ;)!

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2 Responses to Beach bag revisited

  1. Monica Bia says:

    The beach bag revisted that was posted on 8-16-2011 is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s the green plastic tote with handles you found at CVS. I can’t seem to find anything even similar to it online or in the stores. Do you know of anyplace I can purchase this plastic basket with handles for my Granddaughter for her swimming lessons?


    • jillbrowning says:

      Hi Monica! Unfortunately I haven’t seen this same bag lately, but if I do, I’ll shoot you an email.

      Jill :)

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