Alfred Browning Parker

I recently read on Prairie Mod that a book about Alfred Browning Parker (no relation ;)) is available for presale at a discount. Who is ABP, you ask? Not really sure myself, but after seeing the cover of this book, I’ll sure make it my job to find out:

(Chris Browning, when you win the lottery, will you please build me this house? Please!)

Unfortunately, the pictures on ABP’s website suck. All the more reason to buy the book, I suppose. After a quick search, I did find this photo on flickr:

That’s all I needed to see. I’m sold. Not sure if these two pictures are from the same house. My head might explode if they are.

(Chris Browning, will you please build me a house with a lazy river in it? Please?)

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4 Responses to Alfred Browning Parker

  1. Chris says:


  2. jillbrowning says:

    Thanks, babe.

  3. And here I would be happy with a house that has a yard ;)

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