New wedding reception invitation

A friend of mine eloped this summer and asked me to design an invitation for the reception they’re having this fall. She gave me NO direction whatsoever, which was a disaster in my opinion. I’m not even going to show you the first design I made for her until I get a chance to rework it and redeem myself. Once she finally told me that they would be decorating with fall stuff, here’s what I threw together:

Word of advice: If you ask me to design something for you, PLEASE give me something to work with. If not, you will end up with something either completely boring or completely off-the-wall. In “Maddie’s” defense, she just doesn’t care (example – she got married in city hall). I could scribble on a piece of cardboard and scan it to her and she’d be perfectly happy. But I care! I stress out and I care!!! (Note to self: explore scribbling on cardboard…)

PS. I have added this to my etsy shop. It would also be great as a Thanksgiving invite. Let me know if you don’t grasp the whole “digital file” concept. “Maddie” didn’t, so I had to school her. She thought each individual invitation cost $10. I wish!!

PPS. I’m only being mean to “Maddie” because she’s mean to me! ;)

PPPS. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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