Not so much

Remember when I talked about this book in this post?

Yeah, so I bought it. I was on Amazon (of course) shopping for my nephew’s birthday present, and I needed to add a few extra bucks to my cart to get free shipping. It came in the mail this week. I am underwhelmed.

I was really hoping it would contain more photos, like this one:

But no. Black and white pencil illustrations. They couldn’t even spring for colored pencils. Black and white almost always = boring. So here’s the best of the bunch (click on the image for a larger view):

 This lady loves putting names on stuff.

 This kind of “conversation pit” is more in my price range:

Cool, but how do you get to the crap on top?

Now begins the “Special Problems” section of the book. Is she talking about kids with special needs? Or problem children? Are problems ever really special? I’m pretty sure if she was writing this book today and not in 1979, she’d need to come up with a better way to describe special circumstances. Here is her explanation of “Special Problems”:

“If your situation is somewhat different: don’t worry. Here are some ideas to help you with some of those special problems like designing a nursery or a shared room, or a room in a rented house.”

Nurseries are fun to design, not problematic, lady! I’m more than concerned when I see her first design in the section:

Hanging your baby from the ceiling in a closet is never ok, even if there is a window. Sharon took her genius to a bad place with this one (I’ll spare you from all of the horrible jokes that are running through my head right now).Fortunately, it gets better:

Honestly, I would have loved any of these rooms as a kid (probably even the hanging bassinet of death). Can any of you imagine building this stuff today? Do you even have the space?

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4 Responses to Not so much

  1. Maggie Hummel says:

    I LOVED these books as a kid too! However now as a parent the do seem impractical can you imagine dusting all of that? Or trying to clean that lovely kid slim they manage to secrete and leave everywhere

  2. jillbrowning says:

    Maggie – it kind of reminds me of the cool little setups you had going on in your dorm room at VU!

    • Maggie Hummel says:

      You are right I never thought of that. Guess that is where my dad got the idea to build that loft. Here is an even sicker thought when I was pregnant with my daughter I lived in an apartment with a “laundry” room under the stairs or closet and I briefly thought of making that her room when she was born… So I almost did put baby in the closet LMAO Those book should come with a warning label

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