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Found this rad logo on the At Home in Arkansas website that I mentioned in my last post. It was a featured design resource listed in the sidebar. Lewis Lighting & Home actually has some pretty groovy stuff. I saw this picture on their home page, and I was intrigued enough to do a search on those cool little pendant lamps:

It turns out they have about a gajillion items to search through, so I didn’t take the time to find it (I have to sleep at some point…). I was going to share with you a few of the cuties I did find, but their site makes it difficult to share pictures (and I have no energy left to finagle my way around that at this hour).

PS. I’m pretty sure the font used in their logo is the same one I used for this invitation.

PPS. I’m going to try really hard to write another post tomorrow. That will make five in a row this week!! I haven’t done that since I first started this blog back in 2008 before I had a kid and still got a decent amount of sleep…


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