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I always love it when my friends send me pictures of things that remind them of me (like this, this, and this). Extra points for those who actually had to take the photograph themselves. Like for instance, my friend Carrie texted me this picture yesterday:

She said, “Thought u would sort of like the style of these. They r in our lunch room.” Now, God love her, we have nowhere near the same taste as far as design is concerned. But the fact that she saw something cool, thought of me, AND risked looking like a total weirdo in front of her coworkers to take a picture for me, that is the sign of a true friend. And the fact that she is one of my five regular readers. Love you, Carrie Jo! Someday when I become rich and famous, I will buy these benches straight-outta JKAEI (I won’t link; don’t want to get you in trouble ;)), recover them in this fabric (Pisces by Schumacher)…

… and throw a party where we can sit on them and drink your husband’s weird beer out of fish bowls. And play drunken Balderdash. And I’ll probably wear this necklace to the party because it seems like a 70’s thing to do:

I would call the party “Drink Until Your Eyes Dangle Out of Your Head”. And since I’d be rich and famous, I could probably get SuzAnne Somers to show up. (I’m pretty sure I just played a round of Balderdash by myself, and I’ve not even been drinking…)

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3 Responses to Thoughts of yours truly

  1. I do love the shape of those chairs!

  2. jillbrowning says:

    Yeah, and they are being highly underappreciated sitting in a lunch room!!

  3. Carrie Jo says:

    Love you Jill Na Na. I’ve looking forward to Suzanne coming for a visit.

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