FREE gift tag download!

In order to thank the few of you that read my blog, I’ve designed some birthday gift tags that you can download for free! Just click this link to open the PDF file containing the gift tags. Then print them on card stock and enjoy! These will definitely come in handy on those occasions when you forgot to buy a card to go with a gift.

It’s probably a little ironic that I enjoy designing greeting cards, but I don’t always enjoy buying them (especially for little kids; it seems like kind of a waste!). My nephews usually just get a Dymo label stuck to their gift, if they even bother to check to see who it’s from! I can’t say I blame them; I doubt I cared about birthday cards a whole lot when I was little, unless they came in the mail!

Thanks again to all of my readers!!! Please feel free to share this link with your friends and family! What other kinds of free downloads would you like to see me offer in the future?

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