During our vacation in Myrtle Beach, Chris Browning agreed to sit in the car with our sleeping toddler (A/C on, of course) while I ran in to HomeGoods (for 45 minutes). I have a good and patient husband. I haven’t been to one in several years because I thought the nearest one to me was over an hour away in Castleton. But as I’m linking their website to this post, I realize there’s one in Clarksville only 45 minutes away. Hmm… I’ll be dipped. I smell a jaunt down to Clarksville in my near future… And it appears that brilliant minds think alike because Young House Love just wrote about their recent trip to HG last week!

Considering that I had limited time, a limited budget, and limited space in the Civic to get this stuff home (my sister Steph rode with us also; it was pretty squishy), there was only so much damage I could do. I was mainly interested in finding some stuff for the spare room since that’s the space that needs the most help. Thankfully pictures don’t cost anything and take up very little (hard drive) space (Thank God for Pinterest! In some small way, I feel like collecting images is almost as good as owning the real thing. ALMOST.), so here’s what I found, divided neatly up into catagories:

Things I found interesting but didn’t consider buying:

Cool chair that I really don’t have any use for. Although it would look good in my someday screened-in porch, repainted and reupholstered.

Two prints that look a whole lot like Rex Ray (they might actually be). I already have some Rex Ray hanging in my house, which I will discuss someday when I photograph my entryway/living room.

Bathroom accessories that look like they belong in a disco. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, but it would be if they were all used together in the same room. In the right space, that hamper could look pretty rad.

Thing I think I could DIY:

Big white canvas and some orange paint. I’ll store this away in my to-do file. Or maybe I’ll do a smaller version to hang above the spare bed.

Things that were close, but not quite:

I love the cane design on these shams. If they had been white and not off-white, I would have bought two for the spare bed. I already have plain white shams on the bed, but the green would have added a little something extra.

I love these orange vases, but they were pretty much the same shade in which the room is painted. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to go there.

This white vase was cool, but it reminded me of the suction cup thing-ies on an octopus, which grosses me out.

I liked this fabric-covered box, but it was more than I wanted to spend on something like that. And I thought it would be hard to dust. I have really cut back on my accessorizing over the years because I hate to clean, especially dusting. If I had the money to hire a cleaning lady, I would accessorize the sh*t out of my house.

This little kiddie chair would have matched Jane’s room perfectly, especially the curtains, but she has enough chairs in there already, and there wouldn’t be any place left to put it. Plus, I don’t think Steph would have enjoyed the 13-hour drive home with it sitting on her lap.

This little organizer almost came home with me, but I decided that its galvanized metal inside made me feel like I should be putting my non-existent gardening tools in it.

I briefly considered buying a couple of these tablecloths to reupholster the ottoman I bought for Jane’s dress-up clothes, but I’ll discuss that more in a different post.

I had these placemats in my hand at one point. I wanted to use one of them under Gma’s lamp, but then what would I do with the other three? I decided I didn’t need them that bad.

These white boxes were really cool, but again, they were a little bit more than I wanted to spend on something like that. Maybe I’ll change my mind if I find them in Clarksville by some chance.

This white vase was really cute. It was in my top three, but it lost out to the two following pieces (I’ll also be looking for this the next time I go to Clarksville).

Things I brought home!!

This gold glass vase was only $10. Why can’t everything be this cool and only cost $10?!!

This white vase with the faux grass had the clean lines that I enjoy and the height I think I’m going to need. It was $25 (a teeny bit high in my tiny-budget opinion), but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t buy it.

My next step is to have Chris hang a shelf over the shorter of the two bookcases and then regroup. Chris, you might want to get your drill and level handy…!
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