Raymond Loewy

As if I don’t have enough on my to-do list, I found myself last night meandering around on Craigslist. I haven’t been there in awhile; I felt like I was missing out. Apparently I was. I clicked on a link to this unassuming sofa:

But upon further inspection of one of the other photos, this is what I noticed:

I wish I knew how to spell that noise you make when you first start to hyperventilate. “Gasp” doesn’t quite cut it. Actually, I probably didn’t make any noise at all. I think I just froze up for a second or two. My mind immediately jumps to the desk and dresser I mentioned many moons ago, back when I saw God in furniture form. My mind then jumps to, “What can I do to own this?”. I didn’t even know if it was for sale. I wanted to find out that second, but Chris thought 10 pm was probably too late to text a total stranger. I waited until this morning. It was a bad phone number, wrong person. Grr. I then emailed. Good news, dresser for sale; $400. GRR. Next thought, “How can I raise $400?”. Hey Chris, do you think I could sell my eggs for $400? Yeah, we know they’re cute. I quickly deduced that it would not be a wise decision. Plan B? Don’t have one yet…

(Before I heard back from the seller, I did a quick search on Google images trying to figure out more about this piece. Here’s some random cute things I found along the way:

1, 2 & 3 found on this blog [which also has a cute header:]

4, 5, 6

7, 8, 9 )

Focus, Jill. Where was I? Ok, so I heard back from the seller. $400. Huh. She did tell me that the piece was made by Raymond Loewy for Broyhill. At least I have a name now. More searching… google… ebay… flickr… Here’s what I found:

10, 11, 12

13, 14, 15

Don’t know where I’m going to come up with $400, but I’ll put my thinking cap on…

I leave you with this parting shot of some swingin’ 60’s eye candy:

Apparently Raymond Loewy designed the stereo thingy on the left, but the groovy bar on the right is by Sergio Mazza. Enjoy!

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