Daydreaming about vases…

… and a few other things. Remember when I showed you our spare room (Will someone please take pity on me and come photograph my house? These pictures are terrible!!)? And how I mentioned that it needed some help, specifically this wall?

Its lack of personality has been bothering me lately. But let me back up. After taking the Miller House tour last Saturday and seeing it in all of its minimalist glory, it’s motivated me to go through every room of our house and purge (I’m not quite half done). Not “throw up” purge (cause that’s gross; there are better ways to mark one’s territory), but organize and get rid of stuff we don’t need and make everything more efficient. We have only lived in this house for a little over a year, but you’d be amazed at how many possessions I’ve gotten rid of in that time period. I probably make a decent-sized donation to Goodwill about every three months.

So yeah, I know that purging possessions and talking about buying new ones is contradictory, but hear me out. I’m working towards buying only things I really love or really need. And I really need for this wall not to be so ugly, so I went searching for some things I could love. And here’s what I found on etsy:

(butterfly, gold vase, orange planter)

(gold vase, orange vase, green vase, white vase)

 (green dish, orange lamp, gold vase)

This all looks like stuff that would have been at our house or Gma C.’s house when I was younger. Maybe that’s why I like it. It would all fit in perfectly with Gma’s lamp! I know I can’t and shouldn’t buy it all, but I am starting to love it. For now, I’ll just sit and ponder…

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One Response to Daydreaming about vases…

  1. Do it! Get them all and play around with various configurations. Also do some research and look at tons of pics to get an idea for the type of accessory styling that appeals to you. Luckily with that bookcase, it’s a little easier because you can fill some slots with just a large vase.

    Can’t wait to see what you do!

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