I’m slightly obsessed with this movie even though, best I can tell, it won’t be released until November here in the US. I first saw the trailer a few months ago, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

If you go to the official movie website, they don’t try to hide that fact that it’s “A beautiful movie about the end of the world“. Between the trailer and the interview with the director (who had a recent PR mishap that I’m going to ignore), you can pretty much figure out the main plot of the movie (but do not get on Wikipedia, because you will find spoilers [or if you’re like me, find your spoilers on Wikipedia {I can’t stand suspense!}]). Of course, I’m mostly fascinated because it’s about the end of the world. But not in the Armageddon, explosions-in-your-face kind of way. More in the eerie, thought-provoking way. The way that makes it scarily real, but done beautifully:

Even if the movie ends up sucking, at least it will be pretty.

Anyone else interested in seeing it?

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